“Your Vulnerability is your credibility.”


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Join Us at Our Brand Builder Bootcamp! In a Jam-Packed, Full-Day Workshop, You Will Learn the Secrets to Launch Your Book in 45 Days or Less With Our Unique Proven System.


A big warm welcome from Dave Daley, the Monster Motivator!

You made your way here for a reason. (There are no coincidences.)  

Google says that 80% of people want to write a book, and only 1% do. (I believe it’s more like 90%.) Because you’re here, I’ll assume you’re one of those people. You want to write your book and learn how to leverage your brand in your flavor.

So why haven’t you done it yet?

Maybe you need help getting off the starting blocks and actually writing the thing. Or maybe you’re here wanting some ideas on the process of writing a book or solutions to problems in your own process. It’s also possible that you have the book writing part down, but want assistance marketing it and taking full advantage of the branding potential.

Whatever the case, we can make it happen in our full-day Brand Builder Bootcamp. We will lay out the secrets for book writing and brand building. (Hint: they are the same thing!)

Stop procrastinating. Our Brand Builder Bootcamp has limited registration. This is because I want to spend personal, one-on-one time with everyone who attends. We will dive deep into your ideas and goals for your book and your brand.

Let’s do this! Sign up now.

Hope to see you there!



Listen to these former students describe their experience with Dave Daley, the Monster Motivator!



“If you’re not connecting your personal brand and your business brand, you WILL lose.”



Your story really spoke to me. Thank you for all the positive reinforcement!!!
— Morgan
You selflessly gave your time and attention. You asked insightful questions. You flipped the script and had me preserve my own life story. You rock.
— Tom Ladagaard
Holy Cow you Rock, you Inspire and Empower. I learned a lot from you.
— Kathy Bigelow


Dynamic. Engaging. Unexpected. All action and no theory!

Dave Daley, the Monster Motivator, is the straight-talking authority on leveraging your business and personal brands to rise above the noise and elevate your position! An accomplished entrepreneur, CEO and dynamic speaker, Dave Daley, the Monster Motivator, captivates audiences with his high-voltage presentations and real world practical steps for audiences’ to implement immediately. The Title Trifecta: Motivation, Inspiration, and Perspiration leaves your attendees with a 3-step process to leverage both their business and personal brands and stand out as a top industry leader.

Author of the book Fearless is Bullshit, Dave Daley has landed numerous physical and digital stages over the last 3 years, catapulting his brand, Dave Daley The Monster Motivator.

In 1998, Dave Daley was a man on a completely different path: a high-school dropout operating a failing small business. One day he lost control of his motorcycle while riding on the back roads of Vermont. He bounced into a wall of boulders that sent him flying in the air into a tree. When the paramedics arrived, it was unclear whether he would even survive.

But survive he did. And the experience awakened him to his own, previously unrecognized potential. The day he left the hospital, he made a conscious decision to begin the amazing journey that would change the course of his entire life.

With more than 25 years of real world hands-on experience working in commission-based sales and building and selling three thriving companies in three different industries, Dave’s unique take on personal development resonates with executives, entrepreneurs, salespeople, and professionals—and keeps them coming back for more of his no-holds-barred, action-driven and inspirational wisdom.

Dave has experienced first-hand the power of leadership—at every level of an organization—to drive success or invite failure. He also understands the pressures of the commission based salesperson, having spent eight years working for 100 percent commission in outside sales before he founded his first business. For anyone in that situation, as is equally true for the C-suite or for the self-employed gogetter, being your own leader is essential. Dave lives out the proven approach he shares with his audiences and followers every day: Leadership through motivation, inspiration, and perspiration!


“Make no mistake, authentic branding is a movement.”




  1. Teach you how to launch your book in 45 days or less

    • I will provide you with my outline for launching a book in 45 days or less.
      Together we’ll work on:

      • Going seven levels deep to discover your “why”

      • Going behind the black curtain of self-awareness to enhance your weaknesses and double down on your strengths

      • Identifying and sticking to your non-negotiables

      • Doing the math and commiting to a schedule

      • Titling your book using my title trefecta

      • Following the three C’s to structure your book

      This workshop will collapse time for you, allowing you to hit the ground running in your work on your book.

  2. Give you the tools to turn your book into a branding masterpiece

    • What separates this program from others (you know the kind, the ones that claim to make you an NYT bestseller in four days or whatever else) is that I want to teach you the power to connect your business and your personal brand for today’s market. Your book is a branding powerhouse. With my help, we will unlock the HUGE branding potential in your book and connect you to best new ideas in marketing.

      Using my books for personal AND business branding has been incredibly effective for me. When you attend this workshop, I will work with you personally on utilizing your book as a branding weapon. It’s like having me as your marketing consultant!

  3. Lay out how to use your book to locate your perfect platforms    

  • Your finished book is a method to gain access to a whole world of platforms. Podcasts, summits, webinars, physical stages - you name it. Your book is a VIP ticket to get you on these platforms.

  • I will teach you how to use your book as your signature story. It can act as a brochure or sales page no matter what platform you’re on. I love to say that sales is simply a transfer of energy. Well your book is a fantastic tool for assisting in that transfer of energy.


“Your Story is Your superpower.”



Success Supports Speed!

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At team DDMM, we believe in value first. After your experience at the Brand Builder Bootcamp, if you’re ready to take your accountability to the next level, our 90-day mastermind is the perfect support system. The Monster Motivator Mastermind picks up right where our bootcamp left off. You get the Monster Motivator live and in color for the next 90 days to smash your goals. Your registration materials for the workshop will also contain information on joining the mastermind.

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This workshop is available to anyone aged 18 or older for a $699 fee. It begins at 9 a.m. and ends at 5 p.m., and students should plan to arrive by 8:45 a.m. All One-Day Workshops take place in Carlsbad, CA in an accessible building near many bus routes. If you have questions about the accessibility of the workshop location, format, or content, please contact info@davedaleymm.com