KO Fear in the first round BOOTCAMP!

Conquer your fears for good and take action to make your goals happen, Monster Motivator-style, with leadership development guru Dave Daley’s signature online program: Knock Out Fear in the First Round.

This powerful program is packed full of proven strategies for identifying and breaking through fear barriers. Through a series of exclusive videos, Dave shares straightforward yet highly effective methods for understanding these dreaded obstacles to personal development and crushing right through them.

Once you can KO your fears, nothing can hold you back from following Dave's winning Motivation, Inspiration, and Perspiration mantra straight to success!

Don't let fear bully you back into safety.
Learn how to:

  • Evaluate your goals
  • Leverage the power of your WHY
  • Take massive consistent action
  • Utilize and leverage your own inner coach
  • Build bullet-proof inner and outer confidence
  • Overcome fears to push your career to the next level
  • Demonstrate effective leadership

This program includes:

  • 16 instructional videos (including introductory and closing videos)
  • 15 workbook lessons
  • 14 audio files

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