The darkness is only temporary As Long As You Keep Moving Forward.
It becomes permanent when You Go Back Into Safety.


Dave is the straight-talking authority on leadership, personal development, and breaking through fear barriers.

An accomplished entrepreneur and CEO and dynamic professional speaker, Dave the Monster Motivator captivates audiences with his high-voltage presentations on his signature strategy for success: Leadership through motivation, inspiration, and perspiration. He is the creator of the Knock Out Fear in the First Round program, the author of The Monster Under the Bed e-book, and the host of Monster Motivator TV, a video series that comes to you LIVE on Facebook from the ROARRR Zone. With more than 20 years of hands-on experience building thriving companies, Dave’s unique take on personal development resonates with executives, entrepreneurs, salespeople, and individuals—and keeps them coming back for more of his no-holds-barred, action-oriented motivational wisdom!


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Monster Motivator tv

In each live-streamed episode, Dave visits a talented community superstar and gets the story behind his or her real-life motivation, inspiration, and perspiration all REAL, RAW and LIVE..


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