It was a pleasure meeting you this evening. Your story really spoke to me. Thank you for all the positive reinforcement!!! Ordering your book now and I can’t wait to read it. Thank you again.
— Morgan
You knocked it out of the park tonight as always!!! Thank you so much for your undying support!
It’s just the beginning for the explosion of The BNC!!!
— San Diego's Premiere Networking Group
Wanted to give a big Thank You to this amazing group of people. This was my first networking event and I had a great time. I never felt so welcome in my life and it definitely was not what I expected. Needless to say this will not be my last event with this group. Thank you to the hosts of this event and the guest speaker Dave Daley was so fire. This event came right on time for me :) It’s good to know there are still good people in this world and I appreciate you all.”
— Anonymous
This is what I needed to hear. My passion has always been construction I dropped out of college doing architecture. I have already registered my company and will now pursue my passion. In fact I’m seeing a lot of things that I feel I’m capable of doing. I gave away my time and life to corporate life and ended up alone without any remarkable success and For what? I’m going out on my own to build my empire. Dave thanks again for your e-book and your daily quotes on Instagram.
— Hermit

Held at the Entrepeneurial Training Center in Temecula, CA., the “CEO Storytelling Series” delivered by Dave Daley, the “Monster Motivator,” was nothing less than monstrously motivating! A standout presence in any room, Mr. Daley’s enthusiasm and message rivaled that of his large muscles and jewelry to bring me to the point of a “Can Do” attitude regardless of any obstacles, mental or physical, that lie in my path. It was evident from the explorative inquiries echoed by the others in the group that this same conclusion resonated with them resulting in numerous requests for Dave. Daley to speak further at venues they would be hosting. I, therefore, strongly encourage any business or company seeking to rattle the routine of their workforce into something more effective and impactful to contact Dave Daley for immediate help.
- Dave Mears, Founder, Save the World Industries”

I was impressed by the talk that Dave Daley gave at the Temecula Innovation Center in November 2015. I knew of his character and positive commitment towards the community and I support his vision for helping others. What I did not know was how fluid a speaker he is and how informative his message would be to me. I have been a student of mind motivation for over 25 years and he gave me information that I was missing. I will certainly attend many more talks he gives.
- Cy Rathbun Murrieta Ambassador of the Year 2014.”

Dave saw potential in me that I never saw in myself, on a personal and professional level, with enthusiasm and his determination of how far I could really go, and encouraged me daily and always showed concern for my overall well-being. He taught me to set small attainable goals to help me move closer to my bigger goals. – Cathey

Dave has something that can’t be taught or learned in school. He was given a natural ability to coach and motivate in a way that is supportive yet demanding of the best in someone. 

His strength of character and loyalty is unwavering.  His ability to stay true to himself is remarkable. He can find the good in anything but his true gift is bringing out the best in others. – Michelle

I highly recommend Dave for anyone who is looking to improve their life.  Dave’s extraordinary passion to change people’s lives is very evident and strong.  He is highly motivated to make a positive difference in other people, whether it is to improve personal visions, increase physical fitness levels, or assist with career-related goals. – Chuck Gaw

Dave is very dynamic; when you first meet him his energy and positivity are apparent.  After a brief conversation with Dave I could tell not only that he was earnest but he had a “life philosophy” which he lives.

I was 56 years old, out of shape, and in the middle of a bitter divorce.  I weighed close to 220 pounds with a 40-inch waistline. I was mentally and physically in very bad shape.

Thanks to Dave’s motivation and encouragement I began pulling myself out of the proverbial ditch.  He helped me create a healthy lifestyle change. I was getting in better shape physically and could feel my life mentally and physically moving in a healthy positive direction. Dave helped me realize I needed to “own up” and take 100% responsibility for my situation.  He offered ideas such as goal setting and achieving. He helped me to formulate MY plan.

I now have a 33-inch waistline weigh 184 pounds. I haven’t been at this body weight since my early 30’s.  I embrace a healthy lifestyle, workout regularly and have begun taking meditation classes.  I am pursing my passion which is music.

Dave is big on “ownership” and teaching how to face your fears. I have seen Dave up close and personal. Dave practices what he preaches.

Anyone looking to grow mentally, physically and spiritually would do well to listen to what Dave has to share. “Everything is Energy.”
– Dave Sparks

Dave has a quiet power and confidence that makes people listen when he speaks. Whatever Dave puts his mind to, he achieves it. Not because it just falls in his lap, but because he puts his energy behind it 100% and then some.

Dave’s work ethic is so strong that he accomplishes more in one year than most people accomplish in five years.  He is an amazing person with just the right balance to make life work for him. He has drive, commitment, strong values, warm heart, and a zest for life that just ignites your very soul!
– Rene Ragan

You showed me that everything is doable and all the goals became attainable. By showing me and helping me to complete the things I was most intimated to do, I was no longer on the outside looking in. I went from someone who never exercised to someone that craved the gym. You helped me believe in myself and I will carry that with me forever.

For all of this…..for the time that has passed and the lifetime ahead,  I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I could not have done it without you as my coach, mentor, my supporter, my cheerleader, and my friend!

For all good people in the world, I wish for them to have a little “Dave” in their life.  Thank you for your beliefs, sincerity, knowledge and skills! – Anna Adler

Whatever it is, wherever you are in your life, Dave can help you. He taught me, it’s not about the “how”, it’s about the “why”. With such positive energy and encouragement, Dave helps you create and get to your action plan.

For me, a light has come on in my heart and my mind and certain words, phrases don’t mean the same thing anymore. He has been able to create that change.
– Anthony Steel

I met Dave when he was the owner of a Nutrition Zone in Vista, Ca. When I first went to Nutrition Zone I was unhealthy, overweight and just curious to see what this store had to offer me. I had already had years of dieting and exercising and had heard it all on this lifestyle, or so I thought.

Dave’s approach was different than the other people I had met in this industry. He didn’t try to sell me a diet pill. He told me that it would take work, hard work and determination to reach my goals. I started to see Dave on a weekly basis at a beach boot camp where he gave inspirational and motivational coaching on how to better your life as a whole not just towards your physical health but your mental as well.

Over time his coaching helped me to reach my weight loss goals. My life started to change in ways I hadn’t expected. I changed my way of thinking and started to put those thoughts into action. I started to take on new goals that during those months before I would have never dreamed of.

Of the many motivating talks that Dave would give, one phrase that really stuck with me was: “If it doesn’t scare you and excite you at the same time, your goal is not big enough.”

I count myself very fortunate to have met Dave. His coaching has helped me to complete 2 half marathons and enter and complete school as a massage therapist. Just recently I had an interview at a high-end spa and will be starting yet another adventure in my life. Life is no longer stagnant and my opportunities are always evolving just as I am.

If I hadn’t met Dave when I did, I don’t know where I would be today. I do know that I wouldn’t be at this high point in my life now. Dave is still my life coach and I highly would recommend that anyone out there listen to his program and read his free e-book. Take him on as your own Coach and watch your life change for the better. – Veronica Basulto