The reward is on the other side of risk.

A few months ago, Warfighter Made had their grand opening in their new location and they had a tremendous turnout! I was fortunate enough to be able to put them in touch with the right people for their new location and it worked out perfectly! 

I bring this up because when they moved to their new location they had received more donations in one month then they had done the whole year prior. Moving is always challenging but as with any business, if there is no risk there is no reward. So if you are thinking, should I take the risk? Take it. And figure it out as you go!

Not only is Warfighter Made a great organization to be a part of, but the guys behind the organization are true warriors that have done numerous tours on our countries behalf . Any time I can give back to our vets, I jump at the chance! Check them out and let their work speak for itself.

Warfighter Made helps in three main ways
  1. We adapt, and customize a combat wounded Veteran’s vehicle, so they can continue doing the things they enjoy, while their vehicle reflects their individual personality.
  2. We invite ill, injured and combat wounded Veterans to participate in our recreational therapy trips. These adventures include shooting at ranges, participating in Lucas Oil Off Road events, our out door adventures with our Polaris RZRs.
  3. We work with other like minded nonprofits, businesses and individuals to ensure the Veteran gets the best experience possible.

If Your Looking To Give Back To Our Wounded Vets?? Look No Further!!

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