Action can make it happen! But it has to find you working!

Last video I talked about your Inner GPS, your intuition. But in order for your intuition to take control it has to find you working. It has to find YOU taking that action to make it happen.

“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.” An idea is just that if you never do anything about it…it’s just an idea. If you never talk about it. If you never work at it. If you never do anything about it, it will never become reality. The harder you work at your craft. The louder you put your message out into the universe. The more the universe will start to listen and reward you for that action. I call it magic. Once you start taking that action, you will see what I mean. The people and the circumstances will start to come into your life to make it happen. As if by magic. When in reality it was because YOU put in the work.

Leadership through Motivation, Inspiration & Perspiration,
Dave Daley
The Monster Motivator