The Start is not nearly as important as the finish!!

Bring your excuses so the Bedfords can CRUSH them!!

This Dynamic Duo Dan & Danny Bedford...To say it has been an amazing journey would be the understatement of the century!

Dan at 16 years young had his first son Danny so premature that Dan could hold Danny in the palm of his hand and to ad to adversity Danny was born with cerebral palsy — BUT DON'T YOU DARE FEEL BAD!!

This Dynamic Duo has accomplished more in the last 20 years than most even dream of — Dan served in USMC and works for the government and owns and operates DB Fitness and will be relocating to a bigger facility in Sept 2016! Dan also holds state and national records for power-lifting and a competitive body builder along with coaching football! 

My man Danny started his life hearing from the doctors that you weren't supposed to will never walk or play any sports...NOW DON'T EVER TELL A BEDFORD THEY CAN'T DO SOMETHING!

Danny went on to play little league baseball and competed on his high school swim team! WITH ONLY HIS UPPER BODY!  Real Monster Mode Baby!!

We have the video to prove any naysayers out there! 

On August 12, I sat down with the Bedfords for Monster Motivator TV Episode 45! You can check it out here:

And if that wasn't enough...Dan Bedford is an author. Shadow Phantom Begins, an action and adventure book.

This is what Monster Motivator TV is all about and what Real Monster Mode looks like!
An amazing story and a true inspiration!

Leadership through Motivation, Inspiration, & Perspiration,
Dave Daley
The Monster Motivator