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The Start is not nearly as important as the finish!!

The Start is Not Nearly as Important as the Finish!!

Bring your excuses so the Bedfords can CRUSH them!!

This Dynamic Duo Dan & Danny Bedford...To say it has been an amazing journey would be the understatement of the century!

Dan at 16 years young had his first son Danny so premature that Dan could hold Danny in the palm of his hand and to ad to adversity Danny was born with cerebral palsy — BUT DON'T YOU DARE FEEL BAD!!

This Dynamic Duo has accomplished more in the last 20 years than most even dream of

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Fail Forward! / Daley Game Plan 010

When you fail, you also have the opportunity to learn.

Being too afraid to fail will actually inhibit you from reaching your full potential. In the entrepreneurial world; if you do not fail, you do not succeed. You need to fail in order to learn from your mistakes, gain more experience, and develop a deeper knowledge.

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I'll prove you were born to win / Daley Game Plan 006

If you were born to lose, you would still be crawling on all fours! Nobody said, you can’t learn how to walk and every time you fell down and even when you hit the coffee table or fell on the concrete...WHAT HAPPENED?? You got back up and took another step!

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Set Your Goals BIG Enough / Daley Game Plan 004

1. What’s your WHY? Your WHY has to be big enough!!

2. How do you know if your WHY is big enough? Ask yourself...does it have the dynamic duo — Does it scare you & excite you at the same time?

3. If it has the dynamic duo, don't worrying about HOW! Just run with it. If you start getting consumed with how, your fear barrier will bully you right back Into safety!

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To Lead a Successful Company, Start with Yourself!

We live in an exciting time for entrepreneurs. New technologies and alternative funding options provide unprecedented access to capital, making it possible for anyone with a solid idea and a lot of determination to launch a new business. Shows like Shark Tank and The Profit glorify the everyman innovator as well as the all-powerful (and amply funded) business guru. And it seems like for every über-successful, traditionally managed corporation out there, there is a thriving company that went from fledgling start-up to household name without following any of the “rules”—no prolonged analysis, no business school, no suits, no conformity. 

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