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Fail Forward! / Daley Game Plan 010

When you fail, you also have the opportunity to learn.

Being too afraid to fail will actually inhibit you from reaching your full potential. In the entrepreneurial world; if you do not fail, you do not succeed. You need to fail in order to learn from your mistakes, gain more experience, and develop a deeper knowledge.

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I'll prove you were born to win / Daley Game Plan 006

If you were born to lose, you would still be crawling on all fours! Nobody said, you can’t learn how to walk and every time you fell down and even when you hit the coffee table or fell on the concrete...WHAT HAPPENED?? You got back up and took another step!

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Set Your Goals BIG Enough / Daley Game Plan 004

1. What’s your WHY? Your WHY has to be big enough!!

2. How do you know if your WHY is big enough? Ask yourself...does it have the dynamic duo — Does it scare you & excite you at the same time?

3. If it has the dynamic duo, don't worrying about HOW! Just run with it. If you start getting consumed with how, your fear barrier will bully you right back Into safety!

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The Political Debates. Dominating VS. Competing.

Don't get it Twisted this ain't about Politics!

I don't care who you vote for or who your party is. What I care about is taking what is going on right now, in politics and using it to your benefit. The best teacher will always be REAL LIFE — Not a text book filled with Theory ! And when you can understand the difference between dominating and competing, it will take you and your team to the next level!

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