Motivation, Inspiration, & Perspiration! What does it mean? / Daley Game Plan 001

Leadership through Motivation, Inspiration & Perspiration! I consider it the most important Trifecta in business & life to continually grow & expand.

Motivation: Your goals. Your destination. Motivation starts from the outside. It should scare and excite at the same time. Needs to get you and your team up in the morning...gets the juices flowing!

Inspiration: Your WHY Comes from the inside. It keeps you & your team on track when the motivation starts to fade. When Inspiration truly comes from inside, it will pull you and your team through the fear barriers so you can hit the goals & reach those destinations. 

Perspiration: NOTHING HAPPENS WITHOUT ACTION! A goal and/or destination that scares and excites you along with a WHY that completely moves you. Perspiration requires enormous amounts of consistent action!!

Your ideas. Your goals have zero value without execution! 

"You have to have Perspiration. If you're not willing to lace up those boots and get to work. Nothing happens."

Dave Daley
The Monster Motivator