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Fear of Rejection

We have been afraid of rejection from an early age. The fear of being rejected from a popular group in school, rejected from a sports team, rejected from a boy or girl, a friend, the list goes on. But what is the fear of being rejected created from?

The fear of being rejected comes from:

  1. A weak self-image
  2. The belief that you don’t fit in
  3. Not being accepted
  4. Afraid of being yourself
  5. Hearing the word NO over and over

So who cares if you don’t or didn’t fit in, it just means you haven’t found your WHY. Everyone is their own individual, their own person that should march to their own drum. You think Mark Zuckerberg wasn’t told no quite a few times when launching his Facebook idea? He just kept going. If you have a true passion for something and your gut is telling you this is the right thing to do then DO IT! It is better to fail at something you tried then to not try at all.

And in the process of not letting the fear of rejection consume you, you will gain more confidence, build a stronger self image and figure out where it is that you DO fit in. Lean on your WHY and take action.

Now go get your lunch money back from the bully!

Leadership through Motivation, Inspiration, & Perspiration,
Dave Daley
The Monster Motivator